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„Alchemy“ is the title of the new solo-show of Tomas Jetela at the Gallery Crears. A consistent set of more than 100 works from different periods, styles and techniques occupy two different spaces with their own atmosphere and mood.

The partitions punctuate, give rhythm to the space, but do not confine the works into an unnecessary claustrophobia… as all those characters, this crowd, need space. They could move around with the visitor… a waltz of faces… a public space full of encounters.

Courtesy of the artist – Photo : Marek Tihelka

As for the discipline of Alchemy, there is in this exhibition of works and personalities a mystery that relies on the expressions and untold stories or memories of those figures. They all have their behavior and state of mind like a sample of society trying to stay afloat… a human comedy and its false pretence.

Courtesy of the artist – Photo : Marek Tihelka

From the raw material of a canvas, colors or papers, to a singular, intelligible and intimate portrait, the artist performs a kind of transmutation… giving life to the material and to the soul. The accumulation of portraits acts like a catalyst for the visitor and produces a tremendous and liberating energy.

Courtesy of the artist – Photo Marek Tihelka

Following the psychological dimension of Alchemy (C.G. Jung), this Great Work is more than a simple transmutation of material but an invitation to an inner work, an extraction process… a way to sublimate oneself and touch the extraordinary.

If anything this collection of works proves that the artist can turn anything into gold.

Courtesy of the artist – Photo : Marek Tihelka

Exhibition details :

  • Stage Garden Gallery Crears (Pavilion) – From 23 april to 4 june 2022 – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (CZ)
  • Galerie Crears (Villa) – From 23 april to 23 july 2022 – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (CZ)

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